Strange Similarities

i got bored the other day and started finding and watching as many episodes of the IT crowd and the big bang theory as possible. i am not a big TV person but for some reason i can’t get enough of those shows no matter how many times i’ve seen an episode. i love it. but i realized something that kind of startled me. a bit.

leonard, roy, and i share the same damn wardrobe. there are at least a handful of shirts, if not more, that they both have that are actually in my closet at this very second and i’m not sure whether that should bother me, embarrass me, or make me propose to one of them. the fact remains that i own the same clothes as a couple of main characters in two of the dorkiest shows on television. i say this as loki lays at my feet snuggled up with my yoda backpack.

for the record, if you’ve never seen the big bang theory, here’s a clip. :wink: it might change your life.