becky (BFF SINCE 1990!!!) had this in her away message and i read it and it made me oh so happy. if you ever get in a bum mood, read it. :smile:

I GOT A B ON MY ECONOMICS EXAM!!! pretty stoked about that. and an A on my accounting project. classes are looking pretty good for me so far. i like this. maybe it’s the bawls and grapes i started eating for breakfast.

also, adam got word that he will be able to go to the military ball on the 10th. that’ll be a hell of a good time. especially since we’re exchanging valentine’s stuff that day (yessss!!1) AND i get to see him the weekend after that.

life is good. :wink: now i need sleep… to follow my 4 hour nap i took this afternoon. sorry, jill. i’ll make it up to you next year and we can BOTH get hypnotized… and i’ll leave a camera with someone.