Gretchen Freakin' WILSON!!!

the concert tonight was a hell of a lot better than i ever thought it would be. the opening acts were blaine larsen and van zant… good god, they both put on good shows. gretchen wilson did all kinds of covers from zeppelin to heart to skynyrd and of course her stuff and surprise, surprise, the encore was REDNECK WOMAN!!! my mom and i had a blast… she wore my pink cowboy hat and i got a beer and wendy’s and i was a happy camper. the lady in front of us was probably a grandma, was drunker’n hell and i’m pretty sure she was a lesbian because the whale-ish woman next to her with a mullet kept grabbing her ass and they both chimed in on the “yee-haw”s and “WOOOOOOOO”s… good times, good times. :smile: i got pictures and videos, of course. they’ll be up once i get back to boone.

hell of a night, guys! tomorrow it’s shopping with dad and christine to find me a dress to wear to the military ball friday. i’m so excited!!! except about trying a billion dresses on. that part sucks. at least i’ll look pretty! :biggrin: