i’m not sure if God decided that i needed like a bonus or something but someone somewhere has been working miracles in my life and i can’t believe everything that’s been going on lately. aside from my gift card issue tonight and accidentally spending $61 on groceries when rob and i went shopping, life has been freaking incredible. my classes are going awesome, i’ve seen tons of friends (home and at school), been to so many amazing concerts because i obviously have the coolest boss everrr, my parents and i haven’t fought in months (amazing!!!), and things with adam have been going above and beyond what i expected when i first invited him and scott to boone. AND i’m having lunch with jill & ry~ry again tomorrow…. 2 of my best friends who have stuck with me for the past 13 years.

enough mushy stuff, because i know most of the people who read this are probably thinking “stfu”. i’m gonna finish my accounting homework and go to sleep. :smile: