I Want To Buy One

i was surfing digg (is there such a thing as a diggaholic?) and found this list of the 5 most disturbing animals on earth. i am in love with that hellbender salamander. i enjoyed the last comment the author made about it. i’m not going to post it here because, well, i don’t want my name and that word to show up on a google search.

since all of these animals are either extinct or too deadly (and flippin’ huge) i decided i want to own the only one that i could keep in my home and that would be a pistol shrimp. it’s tiny but if you could own something that could kill something by snapping its fingers and create heat equivalent to that of the sun for a split second… and it could fit in the palm of your hand… why wouldn’t you want it?!

i wonder if it could break through a fishtank. i wonder if that’s a dumb question. o_0