Gambling, Parties, & Shotguns... OH MY!

tomorrow night is casino night for AITP. by the way, elections went great last night and i am officially the new president of AITP. i don’t think it has set in yet. i’m sure next semester when i am working my tail off and trying not to die of stress-overload, it will set in. :depressed: it will be fun, though. i’m really looking forward to it. it’s going to help me a hell of a lot in many ways. i want to become a better and more effective leader, i want to get more comfortable with public speaking (i didn’t pass out during my speech, always a plus), i really want to make some good connections in the IT world. we’ll see what happens.

so anyway, casino night. this was an idea the club came up with mostly because we’re going to las vegas in a month and a lot of us have never really gambled or don’t know how. i can play poker but the only time i’ve played was for like a dollar during freshman year of college when all we did was sit in front of the TV and play mario kart and poker all night. that’s not gonna fly in vegas. so we are having a party at gary’s and my professor is bringing a ton of decks of cards, tables, poker chips, and 2 slot machines. yes, slot machines. he said they weigh upwards of ~150 pounds. man doesn’t mess around.

we’re going to play blackjack, craps, poker, slots, roulette, and a friendly game of go fish for those who give up and decide that gambling might just not be for them. i might be one of those people… :grr: maybe i’ll get lucky. it’s getting down to crunch time and we’re in the last 2 weeks of the semester so this will be one of the last times i’ll get to party with some of these guys before they graduate and run off to the real world. i’m taking advantage of it.

saturday i’m driving to fayetteville. adam and his roommate’s are moving out of their house into a new one in a couple weeks so they decided to have a last big blowout at the house. i’m pretty excited. most of the guys in his company are really cool and i’ve become better friends with a handful of them over the past several months. it’s never gonna be the same as the old crew but i guess that’s life. i miss the heck out of reyes and scott and jennings and.. wow. there are way too many names of people that have up and left us in the past 3 years. probably 15-ish people. adam is one of two guys left in his company that went on the last deployment. that means that he’s got all noobs right now… i don’t know how i feel about him getting deployed next year with guys that have never been in combat before. i’m used to him being with all the old guys that have been on 2-3 deployments with him that know what to expect and that scares the bejesus out of me.

adam had staff duty all day today so he called me from battalion and we talked for a little bit about the weekend. he knows i really want a shotgun for christmas and that i want to go hunting REALLY bad. :blush: he told me tonight that he’s taking me to gander mountain this weekend to look at them to see if i find one that i want. I CAN’T WAIT!! he also said he’d take me to see madagascar 2. YAY!

i just got done reading this article called “13 things you never knew about your weight” and in lieu of the points it made, i’m going to bed at a “reasonable” hour and getting 8-9 hours of sleep tonight. i can’t wait.