Crunch Time & Public Humiliation

i have a final project presentation on wednesday, a case study paper due thursday, and a security exam thursday. AITP elections are wednesday and AITP casino night is friday. i may or may not go to that depending on when adam and his roommates are throwing their last sha-bang at their house before they move. they’re going to do it either friday or saturday and i’m crossing my fingers for saturday. we’ll see.

i’m running for AITP president next semester so i have to give a “speech” wednesday night at our meeting/elections and hopefully i won’t freak out when i get up in front of everyone and start giggling uncontrollably and/or pass out. that would be SUPER… :blush2: somehow, something will go wrong. or i’ll trip and faceplant the desk or something.

i can’t believe i have to get up in front of a crowd twice on wednesday. i heard something somewhere that people fear public speaking more than death and i can honestly say i’m one of those people. i mean, it definitely depends on the crowd… but a room full of 99% males? i think i’m gonna throw up. gaming club is one thing but AITP is a slightly different atmosphere. i would think this would be a breeze after all the interview crap that has been going on and having to talk to EVERYONE i would normally not talk to. not so much. i guess this will prepare me for next semester when i go to oklahoma city to present my research paper. is anyone else this phobic about public speaking?

it was not easy adjusting to a monday after a nice “long” thanksgiving break. it was not long enough. but still. i walked into the computer lab LATE this morning (long story short, lots of snow last night/this morning, someone wrecked coming up the hill to my apartment complex, blocked everyone, couldn’t get home to get my stuff and drop off the pets, i missed my first class) and it was definitely nice to see all the faces in there. all the senior guys were in there working on projects and i sat right down and joined them. :happy: i’m SERIOUSLY going to cry when they graduate in a few weeks. it makes me sick to think about it.

i need to get off the computer and go to freaking bed. i have a lot of crap to get done tomorrow that i definitely didn’t get done today. i’m getting nostalgic and that’s just going to be a disaster here in a little bit if i keep going with this. on a side note, bing crosby just came on TV and that made me happy.