I Want To Be In Bed

my legs hurt so bad. and my abs hurt even worse after monday night. i’m a little terrified about tonight, seeing as how i have no idea what “turkish get-ups” are. guess we’ll find out. plus, any workout that involves jumprope makes me anxious to begin with.

last night’s workout…

3 rounds of:
Bodyweight Back Squats (supposed to be bodyweight, which is ~120, which i can NOT do evidently, so my partner and i only did 75 lbs, and then i almost died) – i did 17/17/10
– rest 4 minutes between sets, scale weight as needed


AMRAP in 12 minutes: (i did 6 rounds of these and, again, almost died)
7 box jumps
14 pushups
21 situps

i love how the workouts don’t even include the warm-ups. which are almost as bad on some days. last night we ran 400m, and then had to run 200m backwards. personally, i had never attempted to run backwards until last night. it’s surprisingly disorienting. and awkward. especially while facing oncoming traffic.

followed by a crapton of squatting-related exercises. followed by lunges in a parking lot. so… my knees that had finally healed after last week’s deadlifts and up-downs (i can’t get used to the word “burpee”) are all banged up again. :mad: