Achievement Unlocked!

i never thought i would be so excited about pullups in my LIFE, but last night i reached a personal goal, which was moving down a level with resistance bands.

i’ve worked pretty hard on my pullups since joining crossfit (and pretty much everything else, you kind of don’t have a choice), and FINALLY, i switched resistance bands, and pumped out a ridiculous amount of pullups last night.

seriously… like well over 100 total. probably closer to 120. i started out using the biggest band, because that’s the one i’ve been using. this big fat green one. and i was like… man, i am getting comfortable with these. and really fast. so i switched to the smaller blue band, and i could STILL do pullups, and i emphasize the STILL because the first day i walked into crossfit and brian expected me to do pullups with the blue band, i couldn’t even do ONE. not ONE.

first things first, the last time i went to crossfit was on 9/3. will post WOD in a minute.

after that, was labor day weekend. absolutely zero working out happened. mostly just football and driving to and from NC. then i went to iowa for a couple days. then i got back from iowa and was entirely too exhausted to do anything else. so instead of going to crossfit, i went and ran a couple miles. i also think the running i did through the cedar rapids airport counts as a WOD for the day. parking lot sprints FTW! this past weekend == repeat of labor day weekend minus the driving. and now we’re up to speed.

workout from 9/3…

Deadlift, 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

using personal max weight (incremented each rep), my max was like… 220? 225? i think? i can’t remember exactly, i wrote it down. all i know is… it HURT. my shins/thighs got all kinds of messed up!

2 sets of 5 (using 75% of your 1-rep max)… To Be Done UNBROKEN
2 sets of 10 (using 50% of your 1-rep max)… To Be Done UNBROKEN

Allow enough rest between sets

Core Development:
60 partner med-ball situps

fast forward to last night, which is kind of what i needed after a week of nothing, but also was not what i needed at all…

another muscle-up monday:

warm-up, then 15 minutes of muscle-up practice (pull-ups and ring dips)

then… “Tabata Something Else”

32 intervals of 20 seconds of work (as many reps as possible in 20 seconds, and do that 8 times for each exercise)
…first 8 intervals are pullups
…second 8 are pushups
…third 8 intervals are situps
…fourth 8 intervals are air squats

aaand no rest between each movement.

i pretty much thought i was going to die during the air squats. but i did it. and my total of all 32 rounds was 286 reps. which… wasn’t all that bad!

now if i can just make it through this evening. i think there is going to be an impromptu halo party at our apartment this evening.