Kiiinda Like Boot Camp...

i did not read this workout carefully enough before going to crossfit this afternoon.

3 rounds for time:
10 Turkish get-ups, 5 each arm (15lbs)
20 strict pullups (meaning no swinging)
30 ring dips (with a band, i can’t even do 1 without it)
4 parking lot sprints
50 double-unders (4:1 ratio for singles)

this was, of course, after our warm-up. the warm-up that consisted of 2 parking lot sprints, 1 forward and 1 backward. followed by bear crawls and crab walks. followed by 2 rounds of 15 squats, 10 pushups, and 5 up-downs. MY GOD.

so… somehow, i missed the part about 3 rounds. and then when i got there and realized what turkish get-ups are, i cried a little inside. later, i cried on the outside. not really. but… close. and i also almost took a 15lb kettlebell to the face.

i also underestimated the part about 4 parking lot sprints, thinking that 1 way was 1 sprint. no. 1 way is 1/2 a sprint. so it’s more like 8 parking lot sprints. DAMMIT.

i also cheated on the double-unders and only did singles. it was actually an honest mistake. i am so bad at jumprope (i trip every 2 or 3 of them, literally) that just getting to 50 takes me what seems like an eternity. so had i actually abided by the 4:1 ratio, i would’ve been there for 4 hours instead of 1. i did 50 regular jumpropes each round (if nigel or brian read this, i seriously DID forget, bite me, it still kicked my ass, and i’d still be there otherwise). so… yea. i finished in 40:38. we had 45 minutes to finish. i consider that a very small victory on my part. very small.

unless victory is determined by how many gallons of water is lost in sweat, in which case… i am a damned champion.