I Think We're Going To Wash Away

it is raining SO hard and thundering and lightning and the wind just picked up and i’m pretty sure this apartment is going to wash right into the creek that is quickly becoming a river. it was gorgeous today and now it’s storming somethin’ awful outside. geez.

today was a pretty fun day. i woke up (after hitting the snooze button for over an hour this morning) and showered and got to work. gave up my computer to the new girl and set up my own little workstation on my laptop in the corner of the office. :dork2: i finished up some updates on a few client websites in the midst of tweaking fedora to my heart’s content. actually, i was seriously committed to getting virtual box running under fedora with XP so i could install adobe master suite cs3. when i got it working i almost did cartwheels all the way down the hallway.

went and paid the power/water bill down the street, went next door and bought a 1/2 lb. of peanut butter chocolate fudge for my mom, came back, and my bosses had ordered pizza for everyone and we had a fun little “creative meeting” in the back room. our creative meetings are definitely creative and we do eventually accomplish a lot… eventually. we also do a lot of goofing off, plus my boss’s kitten is still staying with us while it recuperates (she found it in her driveway severely malnourished with a concussion) so i was sidetracked feeding it pepperonis and trying to think of brochure designs at the same time. mostly, the designs consisted of the kitten’s face plastered in the front above every possible cheesy slogan i could think of. it didn’t work out so well.

i came home and cleaned up the apartment a bit, put on some comfy clothes, washed my face, took the dogs out, and when adam got home we decided screw cooking dinner–ci ci’s sounded like a much better idea. we requested a buffalo chicken pizza (if you have never had one of them, i highly suggest going to your nearest ci ci’s and telling them to make you one) and each had a salad. like if we ate our salads with ranch dressing it would make up for the 13 pizza slices. :emo2: i only had 3 but adam ate at least 12. sometimes i wish i could do that.

i’m glad we went out when we did because it’s even worse outside now than it was when i started writing 15 minutes ago. i’ve never heard so many cracks of lightning so close together this loud in my life. i’m actually kind of worried. not about the apartment because we’re on the 2nd floor, but i kind of hope my car does not float away. or fill up with water. does insurance cover that?