Happy Birthday To Me...

my boss is taking adam and i to see motley crue, buckcherry, papa roach, sixx:am, and trapt tonight in charlotte. i think motley crue is one of the most fun concerts i’ve ever been to. I CAN’T WAIT! i really hope adam likes it. he’s not a huge crue fan but the entertainment is wild.

i also can’t wait to get out of this apartment because i think if i stay here any longer i’m going to be sick. adam’s throat hurts because it smells so horribly disgusting in here. it reeks of cat pee and the carpet is beyond ruined. i’m pretty sure there’s other crap in there besides cat pee… like lots of beer and food. i shampooed the carpet before i left for fayetteville back in may and i can’t believe it. it’s sticky just walking on it. we got here at 5 yesterday and the front door and windows have been open ever since with incense burning and the fans on and it still smells worse than it’s ever smelled.

after i got past the cat smell, i walked into my room only to find out people had stayed in it while i was gone. i was infuriated. i specifically said before i left boone that i did not want anyone using/staying in/going in my room. that’s why i shut the door. now, i’m going to buy a padlock. i was going to buy one the last time my roommate let someone stay in there but decided since she apologized and i trusted her that i would dismiss going as far as buying a huge freaking lock. looks like i’m an idiot and should have done it anyway. i cleaned the hell out of my room before i left and made it look and smell super nice so when i came back up here for my birthday it would be all nice and fresh and i could relax, but obviously that can’t happen.

after i get dressed and finish laundry, i’m taking pictures of the apartment and going to the office and setting things straight. i refuse to pay for carpet cleaning or any kind of cleaning unless it has to do with the ridiculous number of nail holes in the wall. that, i must admit, is entirely my fault. :grin:

so much for a relaxing weekend but at least i got to hang out with jill and grainger and adam and see some friends in boone. oh, and go to macado’s, of course! i can’t wait for tonight.