Working On It

the new design is a work in progress. i don’t know what got into me tonight, but after adam cooked dinner for me and passed out on the couch, i couldn’t reach the remote without moving and waking him up so i suppose i was forced to. :wink: i kinda like it, though. it’s very… sparkly. and i like sparkly.

the pages and crap will be up tomorrow most likely. unless i stay up all night finishing in it in which case, it will be up before 9AM tomorrow. i have this thing where if i start a project (ie. homework, a design, a book), i try to finish it in the same day. needless to say, i’ve been sitting here working on this design since like 7. i need to get a new hobby that doesn’t involve anything electronic. i think i need to go buy a fishing pole or a shotgun or something.