I Think I Misspoke

HA! i just realized that “misspoke” is a really funny word. miss. poke. awesome. i’m 23, i swear.

anyway, i am getting a whole bunch of responses from my previous post asking for input from the internets. and i think about half of them say something along the lines of “i don’t think you should change the way you write” or “don’t try and please other people”. that was so not the point of my impromptu survey.

the point was to get some fresh ideas from you guys because my day-to-day lifestyle does not always bring out the creative in me. generally, i leave that up to excessive amounts of caffeine. or jack daniel’s. a lot of times, my day consists of going to work, coming home, cleaning, working on websites, and going to sleep. and it can be very mundane. maybe i need to start coloring outside the lines more often.

either way, the past couple of days have been anything but my normal day-to-day thing. and i love that. yesterday we had a thanksgiving day “pot-luck” at work. i have never, NEVER, seen this much food in my life, second only to golden corral. except this food was safe for eating. SPAWAR purchased turkey, ham, potatoes, gravy, and a few other things (i’m pretty sure it was catered, at least), and then everyone who attended either donated $5 or brought a side dish or dessert. i brought cheesecake, because any excuse to consume cheesecake is always the best choice, in my opinion. as it turned out, about 20 people brought desserts and i had an entirely separate plateful of, well, desserts. it was awesome. i also had 2 platefuls (crammed on 1 plate) of every dish on the table, except for the weird pasta salad with apples in it. far too exotic for my taste.

and today… not so much exciting as it was, relaxing. i wore my favorite dress to work with my cowboy boots (being comfy on a friday makes it that much more enjoyable, also PAY DAY!) and ate lunch with amy and elizabeth outside in the sunshine (despite the beautiful sunshine, i’m still irritated that it is this hot in november). i am not really used to hanging out with girls, and until i started working at SPAWAR i only really hung out with jill (you can read that here.