Help For Anissa

long story short, i was reading this lovely gal’s blog, which informed me of some very sad news of this woman’s stroke on tuesday, which you can read about more in detail on this website. i clicked the link to donate money to her family–she’s a mother of 3, a wife, and it just feels right to send a little their way. i donated $15, which isn’t much, but bills came this week and i have a lot of gas to pay for over the holiday. my thoughts are with her family and friends. i keep refreshing the caring bridge website for updates.

on a related note, it scares the crap out of me to think about how this stuff can just happen out of nowhere, in the blink of an eye.

i found out last week that my grandma has been diagnosed with lung cancer. according to my dad, it’s aggressive, and i don’t want to think about what that means. i’m just thankful that she’s here and she is healthier and in better spirits now than she has been in a long time, so she can fight it off better. a lot of health problems have been affecting my grandparents over the past couple of years, especially, and to know that i’ll be able to spend plenty of time with them this holiday season makes me pretty damn happy.