So Sick of Food

holidays are always so insane for me. i never settle down in one home for an extended period of time… instead, i drive all over hell and creation. nothing was different this thanksgiving.

i spent wednesday night in garner (near raleigh, NC), spent half the day with my mom, grandparents, uncle, cousins, and friends, and had thanksgiving dinner #1 (fried chicken, taters & gravy, green beans, stuffing, devilled eggs, shrimp cocktail, rolls, the whole nine yards). i was gone again by 2 that afternoon. i had thanksgiving dinner #2 at my dad’s house in kernersville (deep fried turkey, salmon, green bean casserole, stuffing, taters & gravy, caesar salad, rolls, the whole nine yards, AGAIN) followed by apple pie, a glass of wine, and a nice, cold yuengling. i have never put sweatpants on so quickly in my life.

half the family was staying at my grandma’s house in mooresville. the other half was staying at my grandpa’s house in mooresville. instead of cramming another body in either house, i stayed at brett’s parents’ house with him in mooresville. i got there at 9 that night. shortly after i got there, we ate thanksgiving dinner #3 (turkey, stuffing, taters & gravy, and green beans) …followed by apple pie, and coors light.

yes, 3 thanksgiving dinners in 1 day. i have never felt so disgusting in my life.

the rest of the weekend followed suit, except replace thanksgiving dinner with buffalo chicken sandwiches and beer. and football. lots of football. and slumdog millionaire. and star trek. and christmas claymation movies.

i am going to baltimore tomorrow and i’m staying at this hotel until thursday. you know what this hotel has? a gym. i will be using it. i will be waking up every morning in time for a 3-mile run and complementary breakfast. watch me.