I Have No Idea

to be honest, nothing very exciting has been going on lately. i’m happier than ever, work is going well, adam and i are better than we’ve ever been, i have a cold beer in my hand, and i made THE best dinner i’ve made so far (in my opinion, and judging the fact that adam ate 2 heaping platefuls, i think he agrees). we’ve been couch potatoes pretty much all day aside from him going to volleyball practice for a bit. i stayed home and pampered myself and cooked dinner. :biggrin:

the dogs (and i really mean, just jack) are being much better now. ever since i’ve started working and keeping them on a pretty tight routine, they’ve ALMOST been angels. almost. i should probably knock on wood and turn in circles and clap my hands and all those superstitious things before even thinking about saying that, but yea. adam’s work schedule varies from day to day, and mine is 9-5 M-F so i sleep for about an hour after adam leaves, take the dogs out, go to work, come home, and let them out. i’ve learned that if jack doesn’t pee at least 27 times and go #2 even more than that, it’s not time to go inside yet. i STILL don’t know how that works out mathematically, but hey, something’s working lately.

i’ve been in a surprisingly good mood the past few days. i think it has a lot to do with my face clearing up (almost… so close :mad: ) and the nice weather and the dogs not being a pain in my ass.

adam sold his old TV (it got stolen when he was in afghanistan 3+ years ago and they “just found it” and returned it to him, i think they just used it for 3 years and then decided they could return it now) and took us out for mexican the night before last, bought me my makeup that i ran out of (i haven’t gotten paid yet so i’m still broke as a joke), took us to see chronicles of narnia last night, and this about made me melt into a puddle of moosh but last night i sat on his lap to give him a kiss before he started playing call of duty and he looked at me and said “you look pretty tonight, babe” … :embar: AHHH!!1 i almost died. i know i just broke every grammatical rule in the book with a billion parenthesis and run-on sentences a mile long, but i was butterflies and ice cream and apple pies and every happy thought you could think of right that moment. i think you could have hit me over the head with a baseball bat and it wouldn’t have phased me.

i have to say, moving down here for the summer has done our relationship wonders, and it is worlds different and way more matured and healthy and fun and unbelievable than it was the last time we lived together. don’t get me wrong, summer ’06 was great, especially since it allowed us to spend time together before his deployment, but this one is so much more real and the happiness is just crazy.

my only complaint is that i got so used to having a washer/dryer in my apartment and doing laundry almost every day, and i’ll be damned if i haven’t worn the same pair of jeans like 11 times lately. i’m not gonna lie.