I Freaking <3 My New Job

i started my new job today. i sit in an office with a bunch of fellow nerds and write websites for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. i hate to say it, but I LOVE IT. i don’t want to disclose any names or other information because i would like to KEEP said job, so we will just call it my job.

i love the people i work with. i’ve already bonded with the 2 guys i share an office with (i think that happened mostly because i mentioned computer games but, hey, whatever works, right?) and the vice president and i (basically my go-to person) completely see eye-to-eye and seem to have the same easy-going, goofy, dorky personalities. she’s awesome. the 2 girls that are in the office next to ours are the photography/videography department and although they’re quiet, they have a subtle, dry humor that just kills me. they probably think i’m really weird because i sat in the office giggling to myself all day (we’re only separated by a giant sheet of glass, there are no real walls), but i’m okay with that.

i got an hour lunch break and drove back to the apartment to bug adam and tell him how much fun i was having. i sported my new ID swipe card clock in thingamajigger and i feel all official now.

i really don’t know how i got as lucky as i did. like my mom said, i kind of just fell into this job. i went searching on craigslist for summer internships because i was almost desperate to find a decent job when i came to live with adam. i did NOT want to end up at someplace like chili’s all over again. i applied to 4 or 5 job postings on craigslist and this one just happened to reply and told me to give them a call. and then i just… happened to have a job.

i was actually kind of scared up until today that this might just all be a big hoax. there was no interview or real phone conversation and the e-mails were so informal that i thought they were written by people who speak english as their second language. they just said to show up on the 12th… and i did… and i was pleasantly surprised with ONE of the most fun jobs i’ve ever had. tech. support will always hold the #1 spot, but this place feels like it might have a similar atmosphere. :grin: i’m so excited that i might go pick out my outfit for tomorrow.