Next Purchase: Earplugs

i wish i was like adam and had the ability so sleep for ungodly amounts of time (he once slept for 25 hours straight) and through any kind of background noise or animal-related interruptions. right now, he’s in the bedroom passed out cold and i’m on the couch listening to jack’s extremely loud, eardrum-exploding shrieks of [insert random complaint here because i have NO idea what he wants now].

i took him out five times since 1:30 this afternoon. two of those times lasted about 20 minutes and i could not count the number of times he peed. it was a lot and i’m still confused as to how that much fluid is stored inside his tiny little body. it doesn’t seem physically possible.

anyway, we came back inside and he peed all over the leather couch. the thing is… he did it like a freaking ninja. :oops: he did it silently and didn’t give me any warning before i sat down in my favorite pair of stretchy, comfy, yoga pants. it was probably an 8 or a 9 on my scale of disgustingness. i got up and grabbed the roll of paper towels and some spray and started cleaning it up when i heard a familiar sound–the sound i SHOULD have heard when he peed on the leather couch, but this time it was the sound of jack peeing on the floor instead.

HOW? i just don’t get it. my mom sent me this guide on crate-training and i’ve been doing what it says. i don’t expect it to work instantly, but i’d STILL like to know HOW DOES SOMETHING THIS SMALL PEE SO MUCH WHEN YOU AREN’T PUTTING ANYTHING ELSE INTO IT?