I Have A Hole In My Tooth

i’ve had a surprisingly productive weekend. the past few weekends, adam and i have pretty much racked out and been lazy bums sleeping until 3-4 in the afternoon, migrating to the couch, and staying planted there for the remainder of the evening. this weekend has been quite the opposite.

i drove home thursday night to get a root canal at 7:30 the next morning. :ouch: i was expecting a lot worse than what it was, so that was a relief. it didn’t hurt at all, but i did get a million goosebumps when the drill was grinding through my teeth. it’s that nails on a chalkboard feeling that absolutely gets to me. it makes my spine tingle just imagining the feeling.

i did like 5 loads of laundry starting at midnight thursday night that continued into friday. i got my root canal (and they even fixed one of my fillings because they had some extra time), got my oil changed, got my car inspected, and went out to lunch at ihop with my mom. :biggrin: that was really nice and i hadn’t seen her in 2 weeks or so, so it was fun catching up in the midst of over-eating by about 12 servings. ihop is entirely too dangerous–especially when you’re as hungry as i was. my mouth had been numb since 7:30 in the morning and was finally normal enough to chew food by noon. i was starving and everything on their menu looks so freaking good.

i drove back to fayetteville and met adam and his mom at the mall. his mom was doing some shopping for herself so adam and i mostly wandered around and people-watched. if you like people-watching, fayetteville is the place to do it. there are some really weird people around here. the only place i’ve found that was more awkward than people-watching in fayetteville was jacksonville/camp lejeune. thomas and i counted the mullets and pregnant ladies in wal-mart one time since we got stuck there for like 6 hours waiting on grainger to get out of training. and if you’re reading this and happen to be pregnant or have been, i’m not knocking baby-making. it’s just that the jacksonville wal-mart seemed to have more buns in the oven than a maternity store. i’m pretty certain some of them even had mullets.

we went to starbucks so adam’s mom could get her caffeine fix–adam and i ate cookies, haha. we’re such little kids. we came home and rested up for a little bit before heading out to see indiana jones and grab dinner at joe’s crab shack. first of all, indiana jones was unbelievable. it’s definitely over-the-top and nothing in it is possible but that’s what those kinds of movies are supposed to be like–fun. after watching all these movies like narnia and indiana jones and harry potter, it makes me wish i was a little kid again SO bad. the movie was awesome. second of all, i’m not a huuuge seafood person, but i like it a lot more having been with adam for so long. i like crab and lobster a lot more now than i used to, and i’ll try just about any of it once or twice (except for steamed clams and oysters on the half shell, the texture/jello-like consistency makes me vomit). :tongue: they both got buckets of crab legs that i was able to mooch off of and i had blackened tilapia with rice and veggies. i had a blue moon to top it off and DAMN it was such a good dinner. i think it was the beer that convinced me to try my cooked zucchini, however, because that was a terrible idea.

i passed out as soon as adam and i got home last night, and somehow adam’s mom wakes up at the buttcrack of dawn every day but waited until 9 AM to call us and get us out of bed. well, me, at least. adam stayed in bed until his mom got here and knocked on the door. i was already up, showered, make-up’ed, and had tidied up the apartment by that time. she brought us pastries from starbucks and even MORE groceries on top of what she brought yesterday. i forgot to mention she even brought us a little potted plant with pink flowers to brighten up the apartment. i hung them from the hideous chandelier from the 80s that is hanging right smack in the middle of the living room. it looks strange, but delightful and i think it makes it feel more homey in here. i love it. :lol:

we went out and had sushi for lunch and said our goodbyes to adam’s mom. she is flying back to connecticut tonight. it was a short visit, but a nice one. we don’t see his family often at all. it was nice to be treated out for the weekend because i know adam had a reeeally rough week last week so i’m happy she was able to come lighten things up a bit.

my toenails are dry so now i must put my topcoat on. we’re going to reyes’s to watch UFC tonight and drink a bit (i’m assuming), and i think we’re going to the water park tomorrow. :smile: hopefully, pictures will follow.