Big Bang Theory <3

i have become entirely too addicted to this show. i’ve scoured the internet for any and all episodes not listed on CBS. aside from going to watch UFC at our buddy’s the other night and going to fantasy lake yesterday afternoon, i’ve spent the better part of the [long] weekend googling and bittorrent-ing episodes that i haven’t seen yet. and also watched a few twice. :dork2: heh… it’s really terrible.

i usually don’t get caught up in tv shows but these make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. i’ve been planted on the couch with my cozy blankets and lemonade and loki. adam bought a new game today and has been playing that and call of duty on xbox live with the guys so we’re both in our own little worlds of nerddom.

actually, we went out for a little while today. we woke up, kind of crawled out of bed, and then immediately jumped for the bottle of aloe vera on the coffee table. we got a little toasty at fantasy lake yesterday (i didn’t get any pictures because i was too busy flying down water slides and jumping off towers and pretending to be tarzan for that nonsense) so we slapped a whole mess of lotion on before attempting to do ANYTHING else today. oww. it’s mostly just our shoulders that got burnt, but it’s enough to make you annoyingly uncomfortable.

anyway, we went to gamestop to trade in games and then i wanted to go to food lion to get food to eat when we didn’t feel like cooking (AKA spaghettio’s and tuna) and stuff to make chili. we got sidetracked after that and wandered into petsmart. we originally went in to get the dogs a couple of rawhides to chew on but ended up in the cat adoption center looking at kitties. adam really wants a cat and after playing with them, it’s all i can think about. yes, we have the dogs, but we’ve gotten them under control lately and they’ve almost been little angels. loki is fine–jack is the only problem if you could even call it that. he’s almost fully housebroken… just has trouble holding his pee when he gets really excited. cats are a lot less maintenance and if we get it at the animal shelter they’ll be set for like a year as far as shots and all those things go. who knows. i really want one, and i know he does, too. we’ll see what happens. all i know is i fell in love with this fat cat that we named “meatball” today. :embar: he wasn’t a kitten and he wasn’t little but he was just so round and so darn cute!!

ok, back to searching for my shows. and then i’m passing out because unlike adam, i get to go to work tomorrow. i hope it’s a good day. :grin: