I Feel Old

ry~ry, my best friend since 4th grade is getting married. h o l y s h i t. life is moving entirely too fast. my 4th year of college is almost over and my friends are all getting married and adam is coming back from iraq after being gone for a freaking year and 4 months. our 2-year anniversary is in 3 weeks.

it feels like it was just yesterday when i was hanging out with these kids. :down: we were so cute.

[![](]( "sarah, becky, me, and katherine")[![](]( "me and becky... this is how we entertained ourselves. before i was a computer geek. our imaginations were infinite.")

my mom is probably reading this and crying because she wishes i was little again. good news, mom! i’ll always be this small! and i’ll only get shorter with age.

on a totally unrelated note, i’ll post pictures from the LAN as soon as i can. it was a great success, again, and i hope that even more people come for the next one. i won a sweet apple/mac nalgene bottle in the raffle–now i will look really cool carrying that around.