Nerd Infestation

i’m posting from AppalachLAN VIII. it’s been a rollercoaster of a day. i got home from the hurricanes game at 1 this morning, my apartment was taken over by boys before i’d even gotten home, more kept showing up, and i had 10 people sleeping in my living room by 4:30. i woke up a bit later than i’d hoped so i got here at 10 to help set up. i’m disappointed in the way a lot of things went and i’m also surprised at some peoples’ lack of ability to follow instructions. i’ve been so frustrated but i guess that’s what happens when you mix red bull and college students. i have absolutely no patience.

one thing i have learned this year being in a leadership position–don’t rely on anyone.

i’m looking forward to partying tonight. i can’t wait for the LAN to be over with… and i won’t deal with another one until FEBRUARY!!! hallelujah. :up: