i counted the phone calls

i actually kept count of the number of phone calls i got TODAY asking for computer help. 7. 7. STOP IT! seriously!!! half of them were from people who i haven’t spoken to in quite some time, and then they innocently throw in a “so how’ve you been, i’ll call you someday” at the end like it’s okay after that. no. it’s not okay. call tech. support… where people are on the clock being paid to answer ridiculous questions.

that put my friday off to a bad start. statistics class wasn’t half as enjoyable without my friend josh to laugh at me taking pages upon pages of notes. like, “seriously, who takes notes these days? what a nerd!” i’m sorry, but statistics doesn’t come as easily to some people as it does to you. instead of josh sitting next to me, it was this blonde girl and a guy who sounded like he’d just walked in from long island. i had my ipod on still because my professor hadn’t started lecturing yet, but it was quiet enough to hear a little bit of their conversation. i suppose it was one of those “caught at the wrong time” moments because all i heard was “well, you cheated on ME so i decided to cheat on YOU”. and then they didn’t say a word for the rest of the lecture.

the rest of the afternoon was spent thinking more and more about adam coming home and leaving again. the only thing i think about when i think about him living in italy for 2 years is him falling in love with some Tall, Dark, Skinny, Gorgeous, Italian model and never leaving the country again. it irks me to no end that i can’t force that thought out of my brain. i was in europe this summer. none of them were overweight and they were all tall and skinny and beautiful. i’m hoping that i’m just being stupid like i normally am and that he’s happy with really short and quirky. and that we can make the very most out of the couple months that he’ll spend at home before leaving again.

i’m really glad i did an hour and a half of some serious yoga x from the P90X series tonight. i think i’m going to start doing that a few times a week along with running. my abs and my butt are definitely feeling it right now and it’s only been an hour and a half since i got done with the work out. anyway, my mind seems to be cleared quite a bit and i am in a much better mood… so long as i don’t get anymore annoying phone calls.