i think i'm leaving the country again

adam and i were talking last night and he said he had a “brilliant idea”. this idea involves a 5 day trip and he said that i will need my passport… so i am not sure where we are going, but he says it’s going to be the best trip ever and i am more excited than ever. i kind of wish he hadn’t told me 3 months in advance though. i know he did it on purpose just to bug the hell out of me. i can’t wait… :blush: i can not believe how lucky i am. it’s going to be a hell of a trip… i can already tell. we decided that starting a few weeks prior to his coming home, i need to keep myself in a bubble. every time he comes home, i get sick with something weird–pinkeye, awful sinus infections, colds, strep throat, you name it. we’re not gonna let that ruin our trip, wherever it may be.

one thing i want to do over christmas break, aside from spending as much time as possible with adam before he goes to italy, is go to maine. i want to go back to friendship and see my great grandmother. i could listen to her talk for hours… i miss the hell out of her and i don’t know when i’ll ever get to see her again. i don’t want to wait until it’s too late. i really want to see the rest of the family up there, too. my dad has some crazy characters in his family and being there feels right at home. i’ve not been up there to see everyone since summer of 2004 and before that it had been over a decade. i missed the reunion this year and i miss it so much and i really want adam to meet some of the folks up there. i know we’ll be up in that area because he’ll want to go up north to RI and CT and MA for the holidays for a bit so maybe we’ll get the chance to head up to friendship for a day or so. that would mean the world to me.

i’ve been really busy lately with class and work and club stuff. i had a full day today–4 classes, worked inbetween them all, came home to let loki out for 30 minutes or so, and went right back to campus for a gaming club meeting. that was a long meeting but we got a lot done and hopefully the next few weeks will be very productive. our new forums are up so go join. now i just have to try and get in contact with more sponsors and get the fliers out and about. tunnel painting this thursday should be fun, but not the same without the guys. i really miss that about this semester. at least they’re all coming for the LAN to support us… i’ll really need it that day. all my bestest buddies back for the whole weekend. :biggrin: i’m so excited!

this weekend was really nice… my dad and christine came up to visit me and took me out to breakfast at the sunrise grill and then grocery shopping. christine hadn’t seen my new apartment yet and my dad hadn’t been up in a while. i love it when my parents come up to visit. it’s refreshing and makes me realize how much they care about me when they come hang out for a while. my dad even learned how to play guitar hero and they took me grocery shopping. i definitely needed that.

JD came up from raleigh and he and i and laura went to the ASU vs lenoir-rhyne game… since we were royally stomping their asses, we left at half time with most everyone else and headed to the bar for a couple beers and pizza. the final score was 48-7. another win for ASU! the rest of the evening was followed by a grocery run and a very overdue game night. i have a new appreciation for goat cheese thanks to laura and her mastery of the cheeses.

i have the day off tomorrow which means i plan on staying up entirely too late, yet again, so i can make fliers and play on forums and IRC all night. i have played “George Strait – How ‘Bout Them Cowgirls” about 16 times just tonight. something about this song drives me nuts and i can’t stop listening to it and i friggin’ love it. it will be a good night.