I Almost Threw Up On My Keyboard

this article was definitely digg-worthy. i read it and immediately submitted it. i also immediately regretted ever eating pizza hut personal pan meat lover’s pizza (my absolute favorite which makes me even sicker) and KFC’s mashed potato bowls (adam gets one every time we go and i am pretty fond of them, myself) and ihop/waffle house meals (best drunk food ever). i am, however, very happy that i’ve never eaten an entire bloomin’ onion because look at all the bloomin’ fat–203 grams!!!!! i wish i could throw up all of those items that i’ve ever consumed. no wonder i got love handles in high school. if you work at pizza hut–QUIT NOW!

The “personal� in this title makes one assume you’re supposed to eat the whole thing yourself. And then you do. And people wonder why we have an obesity epidemic.

i think i’m going to cry. that’s the saddest thing i’ve read all day.