More Business Please

lately i have been getting ridiculous amounts of website requests and i am loving it. i’ve done a pretty good job balancing them all out and i think i’m finished for the most part. i have one small landing page to do for a friend and then i’m just waiting on information to start on others. i forgot how much fun these little side projects could be, and how nice it is to make money off of them. if anyone needs something done, give me a holler because i’m just sittin’ here on this couch rearin’ to go!

after finishing up a website this afternoon, i started working on my study guide for my infrastructures exam thursday. the damn thing is 17 pages–the longest one so far. the other ones were 12, maybe 13 pages. i couldn’t believe it. i’ve got a lot of learnin’ to do. i’m pretty sure i’m gonna nail this exam. i love this class. :grin: it’s a hell of a confidence boost, too.

friday is the AITP trip to cisco down in charlotte. i’m really excited because i haven’t been to cisco in, ohh, 4 years!!! i love how i didn’t get any pictures of myself standing in front of the giant bundles of pink cat-5. i want some more because i used all mine making bracelets… :oops: maybe this time… mwahaha. the only downside is we’re not going to cisco in RTP which is where my buddies work, so i guess i’ll have to wait another day to come bug them on the job. it would’ve been nice to be able to meet up.

before i start studying (and inevitably pass out), here’s a video that pretty much sums up saturday night. enjoy. :wink: