Flock, Uncrustables, And The End Of The World

this post is going to be a little dysfunctional because there are a couple things i wanted to address and my day has been filled with completely weird and sporadic thoughts, so post will portray it perfectly.

i’ll admit, i’m addicted to social networking. it’s tough to get around, especially when the blog world is becoming consumed by it by the second. i forget how i bumped into flock but it’s been my little project since last night around midnight. it integrates facebook, flickr, twitter, youtube, and more. you can customize it to post to your CMS (wordpress, movable type, etc) and it also has a section to categorize all your daily news/blog/multimedia feeds from other websites. there are a million other little neat things about it that i keep finding so my point is, go download it. :twisted: it’s like getting a new toy. got it? good. moving on…

smucker’s uncrustables. my roommate bought these and while i was sitting here on my laptop complaining about being hungry, she offered me one. when i asked her what it was, i was shocked to find out that it’s merely a pre-made peanut butter and jelly sandwich with the crust yanked off. HOW LAZY CAN YOU GET?! not my roommate, but people in general. i always thought that peanut butter and jelly was like the one guaranteed meal i could always make when i didn’t feel like cooking and/or had zilch for options in the cupboard. it takes all of 2 minutes to put together and that’s including acquiring ingredients and cleaning up bread crumbs. but… now it’s already been done for us. i want to shout a big fat WTF to the person who agreed to market these things. i have yet to eat mine but they somehow mysteriously managed to get the jelly INSIDE the peanut butter… :eek:

this is only one more item on the list of evidence to support my theory that the world will one day be exactly as it is in the movie idiocracy. uncrustables will be second ONLY to the airing of the show “flavor of love”.