I <3 Good Days

yesterday and today have been good days so far. after a shitty start to my week, things are turning around. i did wake up late yesterday, BUT i turned in all my assignments including my thesis and my outline for my paper and my professor liked them! i am very excited about that. i want to get this paper out of the way so i can work on the other 2. i’m not going to fail my lit. class… yaaay!

chris drove me and joe to dos amigos after work. i hadn’t had dos in a while so i was excited. we hung out at his apartment after that for a while and watched king of queens had drank some beers and did absolutely nothing. it was great. when i got back to my apartment, dusty picked me up and we went to his apartment because he and his roommate were marinating chicken and grilling out for dinner. i had a gin & tonic (i miss those) and some good eatin’ and we watched kingdom of heaven… now that’s what i call a good night! nothing too crazy but i got to hang out with some awesome people :smile: fun stuff. i got home around 1 and passed out at about 2. it was hell waking up this morning, but worth it!

and now… i’m at work. one more class to go, and if i’m lucky, it’ll get cancelled for the 3rd time in a row. i don’t mind this class, though. it’s usually enjoyable.

i’m so hungry. :angry: