my lit. paper is FINISHED! hahaha… yay. i love that feeling. now, i have a paper due friday with a presentation and my mosaic. and i have to finish reading on the road. then, it’s on to my rasta heart paper. goodness… it’s going to be a very non-exciting week. thank god thanksgiving break starts next wednesday. that makes me happy. :cool:

the football game was AWESOME yesterday. the only part that sucked was that i slept in way too long and didn’t get a parking spot.. so i had to walk from the library (the bar) all the way up to greenwood parking. that was one hell of a walk, that’s for sure. remind me never to do that again. then we walked from greenwood down to the stadium, downhill wasn’t bad. but when i walked back up from the game to the parking lot to tailgate again, that sucked too. i’ve never tailgated before and after a game. i saw so many damn people that i hadn’t seen in ages. it was great.

steve’s LAN was last night so i went over there ’til about 2:30 this morning. that was a lot of fun. it was me, rob, steve, brent, christian, johnny, matt, leander, and ryan. we only played quake 3 and ut2k4, but i finally got updates so i’m happy. ha! i don’t feel so out of the loop now. i’m still waiting for a BF2 key (james!!!) but i’ll live.

i’m gonna go watch a movie and celebrate my lessened workload.