i have NOT been listening to something corporate for the last few hours. my mom had a painter go to our house this morning and i think while he was there he unplugged some things. either way, the server was dooowwwnnn and my batch file obviously had a little bit of a problem seeing as how it had nowhere to upload to. :sad: go figure after i get it running well, another problem arises. now it is jammed and i have to fix it when i get back to my apartment. oh well.

i am having a dilemma. i can’t decide what color to make my hair. the orange is calming down and it isn’t bright anymore and i don’t really wanna be a redhead forever. no offense to you other redheads, but it’s just not my thing. i miss brown/blondish kinda. maybe i’ll go out on a limb and go green. that could be cute. ha! i need to get it trimmed. someone told me i have split ends. eff you!

i’m gonna get out of here and go home i think. i need to work on my art project and my paper some more… so exciting, isn’t it? i do feel like going out tonight, though.