Holy God

today… has been interesting. it’s only 11AM, and i’ve already found something to bitch about. well, i can’t really complain because i love it here in boone and nothing bad has happened, but still. this weather is nuts, and my luck is even crazier.

i woke up and went to breakfast at trivette and met up with jarred. sadly, i didn’t get the beer flavored pineapple. we ate, and i started walking to english. the hill down to the tunnel near duckpond is not exactly safe while covered in ice, and neither are the stairs, and neither am i. needless to say, i about busted my ass. that would’ve been just wonderful in the 8AM full blown pedestrian traffic. i got my hoodie all tangled in the straps on it so the entire time i was walking to class i was struggling to keep the thing on my head. my face went slightly numb, but not so bad.

both english and philosophy were interesting, but who really wants to be lectured to at that early in the morning? my classmates are always half dead and i’m sure the teacher could strip naked and start screaming obsenities at the top of his lungs and not a soul in the classroom would budge or even think to react. really. it’s sad. i got out of my last class and started walking back to the dorm and i could swear the temperature dropped about 10B0 in those 2 and a half hours i was in class. either that or the wind sped up a shitload. i looked on booneweather.com and unless i read it incorrectly, it is/was subzero weather with the windchill. during my walk back to my room, my lips turned completely numb so i was kind of worried i would start drooling without even knowing it, my fingers no longer functioned, my face went from white to tomato-red from the wind and the cold going straight in my direction, and my nose was acting like i had just inhaled a handful of cat hair. wtf? oh, and don’t forget the watery eyes. gotta love that. i’m beginning to wonder if it’ll ever be cold enough to actually freeze the tears when they start coming out. that… that will be a great day for me. HA! i love living in the mountains. it’s gorgeous outside and no matter how cold it was today, it’s still a blast.

i also forgot to mention how both elevators were broken when i got back to my dorm so i had to climb the 96 stairs to my room. yes, i know the LLC has more to complain about, but the elevator has spoiled me. :smile: not only that, but all the toilets were out of toilet paper and i had to wait for some girl so i could use the bathroom and I HAD TO GO REALLY FREAKING BAD!

oh yeah! jill and i were hanging out in my room the other night after a random trip to dos amigos and i ordered this shirt and am wishing my mom would resort to buying this for me… hahaha, how sweet would that be! it’s expensive for something that wacked but it would definitely be great to be able to whip that thing out while hanging out with friends. :wassat:

daniel always wants chick-fil-a on the days that i’ve already eaten it for lunch, so we never end up going there and he’s always got really bad cravings for it. i was going to be a kickass girlfriend and go pick up some chick-fil-a and bring it to him at work before i went to my lab since he works in the building next to mine but somewhere between my face and toes going numb on the walk back to class i completely forgot to pick it up and that would be 100% out of my way to go back and get it before my lab this afternoon. :satisfied: guess i’ll have to try that one another day.

i think i’m gonna go continue knitting the blue scarf i started yesterday and put some more stuff in the scrapbook. is it bad that i kind of feel like a grandma saying that?