i forgot to mention something about the new layout. it’s 99.99% compatible with mozilla firefox now. the only thing that i’ve found that does not work with it is the calendar script (oh no!) but that’s only really for my personal use anyway. the whole site is basically but for some reason people keep coming back. i’ve wondered about that for years now, and i have yet to get an answer.

i’ve been up since 6AM and i’m about to go meet jarred for breakfast. it’s freaking early and this limeade is definitely not helping wake me up. i need the infamous ASU pineapple. it’s miracle fruit, i’m telling you. sometimes, if you’re lucky, it’ll taste like beer (ha…ha). don’t try telling me it’s bad and that means it’s fermenting. i won’t listen. it keeps me awake through my 3-day-a-week 8AM classes, so shove it. :cool:

off to breakfast, and then a lovely long day of classes.