well, my 8AM classes are starting to remind me of highschool–the struggle to keep your eyelids at least a millimeter open during lectures. ha! i think i’m gonna hit the sack early tonight. i just finished up my philosophy homework (plato! it’s not that bad!) and english reading and that alone made me sleepy. i attempted to get a short nap in this afternoon when i got back from my CIS class but that sort of failed. i ended up working on another scrapbook and starting on homework and sleeping for a grand total of about 5 minutes and my phone started ringing off the hook.

on friday i switched CIS classes due to lack of time to get to my lab afterwards so today was my first time in my new one. it’s freaking huge. my other CIS class was maybe 20 people. this one has probably 70-80 and it includes 1/4 of the people in my dorm! it’s nice though ’cause i have a lot of friends in there. it was just a big jump. i’m kind of bummed out, though. today i learned what the recycle bin was and how to click the start button on windows XP. i guess that’s what you get in a 1000 level CIS class. you get the very beginning. :crazy: i hope to god there are CIS classes better than this.

i might go hang out down on 5th floor in a few. it’s been a while since i’ve done that, and i feel like seeing my buddies. i might just crash out now, though. who knows. i’ll probably end up doing neither and sit here watching TV and knitting. YES!