as much as i love having my girls home with me, and as much as i miss the chaos and being surrounded by their little voices, i'm reminded this week how important time with myself is.

i woke up at 6, got them ready, took them all to school, came home, had my mushroom coffee, went for a run and lifted, threw a banana bread in the oven, showered, and sat down to work.

my routine has been out of whack for a long time now, but that's ok, because here i am still doing the work. 🤍

i sat with rapeh before lunch and instead of having specific intentions like i usually do, i said i was just going to listen to my body and soul, and reflect.

it took me back to my birthday, when @eric_capuano held space for me. there was a brief period of time when he left to go on a walk, and i stayed inside in bed.

his presence was still with me, but by the end of one particular song, i realized that i was laying completely relaxed (rare, and difficult for me), and i was holding my own hand, and smiling.

i am still learning to have patience with myself, but with each step, i have found myself relaxing more, less physically tense, and just letting it wash over me, and embrace it. i am learning to continually hold my own hand, every day, and show up for myself, consciously, whenever i feel myself start to slip.

i am far more present in every moment every day than i have ever been... progress. 🤍