he called :)

i got to talk to adam today for nearly 45 minutes… this NEVER happens. i think that’s longer than our last 3 phone conversations combined. it was awesome, we talked about everything… it was such a good conversation and i can not stress enough how much i needed this. it was like the fog cleared and i was again reminded why i am so in love with this guy and i absolutely can’t wait until he comes home again. we were joking about what we’re going to do when he comes home… since this summer our beach trip had to be canceled, and then when he was home for 3 weeks, our MA trip got cut short and we had to cut out gatlinburg completely. so we’ll see. i really don’t care if we ever take a vacation because the time we spend together when he comes home is more than enough. i really needed today. the only thing that sucked was the phone card he was using ran out, so he called back on his buddy’s phone and then i think that one died. because we got cut off again. damn iraqi cell phones. i tried calling it back but i kept getting some arabic operator and it pissed me off. oh well. i got to talk to him, and he misses me. and right now i could give a shit less about anything else going on.

i’m going to go study and be a good student for once. and then i’m gonna finish fixing ali’s computer. and then i’m going to write another letter to send tomorrow. i love youuu, adam.