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Gamers Guide to Dating

When you offer a girl some bubbly, make sure you’re not referring to
Mountain Dew.

Your Xbox Live Gamerscore has no relation to your ability to score.

Try to refrain from shouting, “I pwned u! Noob!” Especially in bed.

Make no mention of ‘Dragon Ball Z.’ Ever.

Real girls don’t come with rumble packs, but they do provide force
feedback where appropriate.

Please don’t tell her you want to see other people because you “Gotta
catch ’em all.”

Don’t preface a romantic dinner with the phrase, “Wizard needs food,

Don’t tell her your XXL ‘Halo’ shirt is like Victoria’s Secret for men.

No matter how many times you try, Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right,
Left, Right, B, A won’t unlock her “bonus stage.”

Don’t tell her you’re athletic if the closest you’ve gotten to pigskin
is eating pork rinds while playing ‘Madden.’