Happy New Year!!!

sorry for the lack of updates, everyone. adam has been here and we’ve been sleeping in ’til about 1 every day and we’re usually gone ’til the wee hours every night. this christmas break has been craaaazy and so much fun and i’ve gotten to see a ton of people who i haven’t seen in ages. it’s awesome. i bought myself a new camera with my christmas money so pictures are being put up and there are some from liz’s the other night and the rest are still on my camera. i’m just gonna put them all up at once. i am so so very happy right now, words cannot even explain it all.

i hope everyone had a great christmas. i know i did and i got above and beyond what i asked for and because of that i feel spoiled rotten but i suppose i’ll just take it all in because one of these days i’m gonna be doing everything on my own wishing things were this way forever. so far, everyone in my family likes adam, which is also good. it’s been a while since i’ve dated a guy that everyone including my dad approved of. actually, it’s been since about 7th grade.

jill and rob, have fun in london. i miss you guys! i hope i get a drunk dial. mom, don’t go too crazy in georgia.

lots of love to everyone… life is absolutely wonderful!!!