I <3 Vacation

so far, christmas vacation has been nothing short of awesome. i definitely have been looking forward to this since, ohh, september-ish. hahaha… ugh. i love college, but i hate school. i suppose that’s how it’s supposed to be. right now, i’m enjoying sleeping until noon, laying around in pajamas all day, and then going out and partying at night. i got all my christmas shopping done except the other half of jill’s present and everything is wrapped. i am in the process of doing laundry right now, my room is clean, jill and i baked gingerbread cookies last night and frosted them, and all i have to do now is go get adam tomorrow.

tonight is gonna be pretty fun. it’s ben and sarah’s birthday today (HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU GUYS!!!) and we’re going to liz’s for a bit and then over to metal rebel. i’m pretty sure i’m gonna wind up being DD since i can’t drink there so it’ll be fun watching everyone get plastered at one of the biggest redneck bars around. :biggrin: i hope ben gets hit on by another 300 pound lady with a mullet and buzz cut. bahaha, that’d make my night. i’m gonna try and take pictures tonight. it depends on the situation ’cause i know random flashes in public places tend to piss people off.

i think my agenda for the rest of the day is be lazy and play computer games. OH, speaking of computer games, when jill and i were at the mall yesterday, we found that new gamefrog cafe. i know it’s not as cool as gameLAN, thomas, but it is only $6/hour and if you don’t have to have a membership then that’s fine in my book. it’ll be nice if i get dragged to the mall on a day when i really don’t want to be there. i can stay and play games and whoever i’m with can go do their thing. i reeeeeally want to go… :blush: one of these days. i mean seriously, they even have bawls. i’ll go just to get some of that stuff. i sure do miss it.

congratulations, grainger, on your upcoming marriage. i can’t believe you’re gettin freaking married friday. i hope everything goes awesome for you and danialle and if she hurts you, there will be war. :wink: i’m just glad you’re not in iraq anymore and i hope you’re so so SO happy right now, and i can’t wait to see you on new years!!! you’re still stuck with me as your best friend so um, get over it.