Gwar Kicked Butt

holy crap… i’ve never experienced anything quite like last night. gwar, dying fetus, and all that remains played at ziggy’s and it was absolutely insane. throughout the night, gwar managed to destroy and murder (or re-murder) george bush, paris hilton, michael jackson, laci peterson and her dead baby, and a few others. dayum… talk about some sick and twisted, yet entertaining and quite fun, people. hahaha… :biggrin: what a night. i finally gave up on trying to avoid the sweaty pit of beer and blood and let go of the fence and just went right on into the mosh. i got plenty of mouthfulls of the red and green fake blood/guts (not sure yet what it was made of but i definitely drank a lot of it last night) and was covered in that, beer, and large man sweat after the night was over. my clothes were soaked, hair was soaked, face and skin was stained red… god, it was great. :smile: grainger, john, chris, and rob went with me and we had a blast. we were separated most of the night ’cause of the insane people in the pit but it was worth it. i’ll put pictures up later on tonight when i go to scott’s… LANing again tonight. :cool: