Almost Christmas... :)

pictures from the gwar show are up here. :crazy: i got a few good ones. keep in mind that being short and getting bumped around in a mosh pit make it hard to take decent, non-blurry sensible pictures. get over it. HA!

christmas #1 was today at my grandma’s and ohh boy, it was so fun! i knew what a lot of my presents were since they were winter clothes that i had to pick out, but a ton of them i had no clue what they were. we had a really good dinner and i definitely passed out afterwards and took a nice, little nap on the couch. it was great. :smile: that was after my dad took us to wal-mart to get something else for my grandma’s XM radio and even though we were only there for about 10 minutes, it was tiring. there were so many people there… and my dad pointed out how it was mostly middle-aged men who had left their christmas shopping to the last minute. GOOD JOB, GUYS!!!

tonight’s been great, also. my mom and i have been 100% lazy and watched A CHRISTMAS STORY and those good ol’ 3D christmas cartoons on the family channel. and, of course, everybody loves raymond. i love those cartoons, man. i always used to wonder how the heck they made those things. it still freaks me out.

okay, it’s almost midnight and i wanna go to sleep before it’s christmas because that just ruins it, unless i plan on staying up until 4AM to open presents way early. the ibuprofin kind of ruined my energy boost so i’m gonna crash. goodnight everyone, and merry christmas!