Christmas Party

pictures from last night are up. :smile: i had so much fun being with everyone again. i wish we could do that every month. december is great, ’cause we get together for christmas and then a week later for new years. i’m so excited! and daniel’s coming in like 2 days… i’ve been going nuts for the past 9 days. i get my new glasses tomorrow (these aren’t broken, YES!) and i get my hair cut/colored at 2:30. it’s gonna rock.

thank you to everyone who prepared the food last night… it was awesome. and thank you to thomas/mark/landon for letting all 30 some of us invade your home, yet again, to party like idiots. :wink: it’s always appreciated. matt (leighton), i’m sorry i missed you and kenan last night. i really wanted to see y’all, but i guess it’ll happen some other time. i miss you!

me and eric and one of his buddies spent a few hours at the mall and best buy today… baaad idea. it was unbelievably crowded. traffic was even worse. i guess that was to be expected but i didn’t think it would be as bad as it was. i never found a good pair of jeans (that was the whole reason i went) so so much for that plan. it was good seeing eric again, though, ’cause i hadn’t seen him since july before he left for parris island. why is it that all my friends end up in the military? why? it sucks horribly and they always end up in one of 2 places–south korea or iraq. if they do get lucky enough to stay in the US, they end up in places like nevada and kentucky. wtf? just send all the damn soldiers home. i’m sick of this. speaking of soldiers, my stepbrother came home for the holidays from south korea and i didn’t get to see him because i’d already made other plans, but JP if you read this, i miss you and i love you!

my family had a nice turkey dinner tonight, and it’s making me sleepy. i’m gonna go be lazy for a while. or maybe deliver christmas presents… hrm.