Back Home

i took a little road trip back to boone yesterday to surprise daniel. he and paul were just hangin’ out at the apartment and i busted in the door and scared the crap out of them… great fun :smile: i even got to open my christmas presents before he got his. YES! now we’re back at my house watching poker on TV and i’ve been knitting his hat all night. speaking of knitting…

jill and i had ourselves a little slumber party monday night. we went to la carretta for dinner and went to see the lemony snickett movie, and yes i know i probably misspelled that. the movie kicked ass, btw, if you haven’t seen it. very cute. we went back to my house and she busted out her nifty knitter that she’s been making one of those awesome fuzzy scarves on and i decided i wanted one too so i could learn. wal-mart doesn’t sell those (we learned that the hard way and got there and they weren’t selling them) so we bought a plastic ring and a crapload of nails and superglue to ghetto-rig our own version of the nifty knitter. that plan failed. pictures will be uploaded because words cannot explain the disaster i got myself into with the superglue and the nails. the nails didn’t really even make it to the plastic thing and i gave up. it made for a fun night, though. we spent the remainder of the evening watching TV and leeching off the neighbors’ wireless internet. woohoo!

i think jill felt bad since i failed miserably that night at creating my own nifty knitter so she woke up at the crack of dawn tuesday morning and went and BOUGHT me one at michael’s. how freaking awesome!!! jill is great. definitely. now that i have my own nifty knitter, and a TON of yarn, (even daniel bought me yarn!!!) i’ve been stuck on this stuff. i sat for 4 hours yesterday afternoon before i left for boone just sitting in pure silence knitting a hat for myself. it’s a fuzzy, green hat. i love it. i’ve started on daniel’s ’cause he picked out his yarn tonight at wal-mart. he had to be a jerk and pick 3 kinds of yarn to use so it hurts really bad making the thing but i guess it’s worth it. HA! :wink:

tomorrow night is the athenaeum show at ziggy’s and i bought us tickets for it. everyone should go… just because it’s a reunion show and i wish they were still together. it’s gonna be awesome. i can’t wait!

thomas’s on friday! y’all better be ready. hopefully we’ll be blowing stuff up again.

TV and knitting time. goodnight!