Fun Times @ Scott's

ohhh wow… how i love my friends:

duane: whit, do you think it’s sexy when i blow in your ear?
(duane blows/spits on side of my head)
whit: grainger thinks it’s sexy when you blow in his ear…
(duane blows/spits on side of grainger’s head)
grainger: dude, you suck at blowing!
(silence :crazy:)

i have definitely missed living in this basement w/my buddies. :smile: tim’s been the firemaster so none of us freeze to death (this means throwing packets of matches in the fire, pizza boxes, and huge logs), there are like 2 movies and an anime and music going so it’s hard to tell what’s what, byrd/jamie/seawelly have been wrestling all night, and there’s always someone rolling around in siner’s mom’s wheelchair. and of course lots of games. and the power randomly goes out every once in a while ’cause of someone running into the power outlet WITH the wheelchair. fun times, fun times.