Full of Fail, Need Weekend

let’s just say, last night’s workout sucked. to be specific, i sucked.

crossfit day 5…

Shoulder Press, 5-4-4-3 reps


3 rounds for time:
7 shoulder-to-overhead (using 95% shoulder press max)
11 ring dips

Core Development:
40 GHD situps

I WANTED TO CRY (though i wouldn’t dare cry at crossfit!). not because it hurt (and ohh, did it ever hurt), but because of how completely ridiculous and uncoordinated i was. again, i’m glad no one in there really knows me that well. if i told them i used to be a gymnast, there’s no way in hell they would believe me. not after that spectacle.

i can’t be the only one with this problem. like… when i am trying to learn something new that i’ve never attempted before, i have to SEE how it’s done. i have to watch first. and then i have to have every little detail spelled out for me. like how to hold my head, or my arms, or how my feet need to be positioned. i have to have all the logistics down pat. and then… i have to practice. alone. doing these kinds of things in front of people for the first time makes me so anxious and jittery, and i get so awkward and clumsy, and i can’t focus. so instead of working on my form and actually getting things right, things like last night happen. o_0

i’ve done dips before. a LOT of them. we used to do them on the parallel/even bars for practice before and after gymnastics and we had to do several sets of them. we didn’t have rings, though, because those were mostly for guys at the time, and we didn’t have any guys in our gym. so i never had to face ring dips until last night. and i never want to face them again.

we use the resistance bands, thank god. otherwise i would have done ZERO. i think in my brain i over complicate the whole exercise. just getting my knees onto the band is a feat in itself, and then i’m like, trying to get my elbows straight, but the rings keep wobbling because i’m not in a position to even use my arms in a way that will help stabilize myself, and then the band snaps off and whacks me in the leg. and then i’m back to square 1. :mad: lucky for me, nigel (one of the coaches, that i actually went to high school with, small world) was nice enough to hold the band down so i could actually do the workout and not take 6 hours. i kind of feel sorry for him after that.

so, anyway, i guess that needs some work. in other news, shoulder presses are also not my strong point, but once i got the technique down, they got better. and easier. one step at a time…

i just have to make it through tonight and half of tomorrow, and then brett and i will be on the road headed to boone. we haven’t been since MARCH. i cannot even believe i’m saying that. that’s 5 months ago. so this weekend’s agenda will consist of hanging out at the cabin, the mandatory trip to macado’s, ASU FAN FEST!!!, and hopefully we’ll get to go to hebron. i miss the mountains… the air… the complete lack of humidity… summers in boone are indescribable.