Crossfit Day 4. More Weight?!

i’m really glad i decided to go to crossfit again last night. reason 1: they got their shipment of t-shirts in (yay, new t-shirt!). reason 2: i surprised myself.

last night’s warm up would’ve been plenty, honestly. 400m run, sprints, broad jumps, toy soldiers (leg kicks), skips, arm circles, stretching, and we did it all outside as opposed to in the gym with the fans and the shade. that really put a jump start on the dehydration process. we were all dripping.

this is last night’s workout, scaled down for me because i’m a NOOB, and it still kicked my ass.

5 rounds for time: (30 minute time cap, i finished right around 20-21, i think)
10 deadlifts (60lbs)
20 box jumps
15 pull ups

until last night, i had just been using the 33lb bar without weights on it for lifts. i was TOTALLY fine with that. i don’t need more weights. who needs more weights? evidently, brian thought i needed more weights. so he stuck 20+ more pounds on it. sad face.

this is where i surprised myself and actually had no problem with the deadlifts (aside from the fact that they still suck, hurt, are always difficult, etc). my form was better, and i didn’t die in between reps. +1 for me!

the box jumps were another story. i did surprise myself in that i didn’t go teeth first and split my face open (i am very seriously scared when we do these, i don’t know what it is, but box jumps terrify me). what didn’t surprise me is the fact that mine had to be adjusted 3-4 inches because evidently, crossfit doesn’t have boxes for midgets.

i never intended for this to become a workout blog, but in the last week i’ve realized how much i really enjoy this. and NEED it. and i’ve been looking forward to it on a daily basis as opposed to dragging myself to the gym to go run. never in my wildest dreams did i think i’d be capable of working out like this, OR with other people. this is a huge personal accomplishment on multiple levels, and i’m so proud of myself for not wussing out, and for doing something good for ME, and sticking with it. :blush2: