Crossfit Day 3... Finding Rhythm!

last night’s workout was… in a word… intense.

i was literally dripping in sweat before the actual workout even started.

we started out with a 400m run, 15 overhead squats, 3 15-sec handstand holds, 10 push ups, and a few stretches. the stretches were a godsend for my aching, swollen triceps. like… i can actually bend my arms now.

after the warm up, we went over the exercises… which meant we did like 10 extra minutes of squats. freaking OW. i thought my hips were going to snap. they already pop out of socket on their own. i can only anticipate the day when they pop out while i’m doing power snatches and i drop the weights on my head.

the workout… copied, pasted, and revised (i am still too wussy to use the big kid weights) from the website:

10 rounds for time:
2 power snatches (here’s a video)(33lb)
4 overhead squats (another video)(33lb)
6 burpees (aka up-downs) with lateral jump over barbell

since my first workout last wednesday, i’m having a hard time getting my squats below 90 degrees. my thighs are so stiff and still healing and i have never felt a burning quite like it in my life. i think after a couple weeks of this, i’ll get my flexibility back. right now… 33 pounds feels like 100. my push ups last night? they SUCKED. my arms just feel useless at this point.

i finished 10 rounds of that in 12:41. not too terrible, right?!

brett is going to his gym again tonight, which got me motivated to go to crossfit AGAIN tonight. i was just gonna go run a couple miles but i got all amped up about it and now i’ll feel like a wuss if i don’t actually do it. i know i should probably give my muscles a break but i really gotta keep forcing myself to do this in the beginning and make it a habit.

not to mention, i have felt amazing since i started going. especially today. i can feel it working its magic already. :)