Aspirin. And Crossfit Day 2.

my soreness from wednesday had temporarily subsided after friday’s warm up, which consisted of the usual 400m run and then a combination of terrible things: bear crawl and push ups across the gym, jump squats across the gym, lunges, more squats, and i forget what else.

to save myself from trying to translate the crossfit workout into everyday english, i’m just going to copy and paste friday’s workout from the website. and then rest. because my triceps are so sore that i can even feel them burning as i type this.

forgive me as i try to explain what these exercises actually are.

except for double-unders, which is just jumping rope and getting 2 spins with 1 jump. i am barely coordinated enough to simply jump rope like a normal person. getting 2 spins is entirely out of the question. i’m so glad that no one who really knows me goes to this gym, because they would’ve had a field day watching me jump rope for the first time in well over a decade. it was hideous.

AMRAP (remember, as many rounds as possible) in 8 minutes:
10 sumo deadlift high pull (i don’t even know how to describe this, so, here’s a video)
30 double-unders (since i suck and can’t do these, i was told to do 120 regular ones)


AMRAP in 8 minutes of:
10 push ups
6 thrusters (95lb/65lb) (which is a combination of a front squat and a push press)

because of my epic fail at jumping rope, i spent most of the first 8 minutes getting tangled and gassing out just trying to get my 120 jumps in. HOWEVER, i completed 2 rounds, and didn’t have an asthma attack. yay me! i also got like 3 or 4 SDHP’s in before the time was up.

then, instead of resting, i drank an entire bottle of water.

i was SO proud of myself after the second 8 minutes. i actually completed 4 rounds and got an extra set of thrusters in. damn jump rope was holding me back before, but dammit i can do some push ups!

and because i did so well at said push ups, i can barely bend my elbows past a 60 degree angle without wanting to scream.

brett and i did dinner and a movie friday night, which was awesome. the awesome came mostly from watching him eat mangle his lobster dinner (sea creatures actually went airborne), and, of course, the movie. we saw the other guys. “i’m like a peacock, you gotta let me fly!”

i spent the rest of the weekend (with the exception of a brief birthday celebration saturday night) planted on the couch with a bottle of aspirin. many thanks to brett for providing me with the aspirin, and for moving the bottle of wine next to the couch so i didn’t have to hobble to the kitchen for a refill. that’s love, right there. :wink:

how was everyone else’s weekend? did anyone go fishing like we were supposed to?

also, did anyone else go to costco to buy dog food and come home with a COUCH instead? ridiculous.