A Little Slice of Heaven

there are no words to describe how FREAKING EXCITED i am right now. we’re taking a half day today and driving back to the high country… back to what feels like home… back to where i can breathe right… back to where it all started. i. can’t. wait.

“god kissed the earth and called it boone.” one day i will actually buy that bumper sticker if i can ever find it again. or i’ll just make one.

on the contrary, i am also a little sad that i won’t be able to go to crossfit tonight. i went every day this week and i’m starting to see changes already… which is amazing. and as sad as this sounds, i’ve never kept at a workout long or hard enough to see very noticeable differences in my body, aside from losing an inch or 2 around my waist and/or hips. this is a breakthrough for me, people. :grin:

last night’s workout… crossfit day 6:

Front Squat, 12 sets of 2 (43lbs), rest 45 seconds between sets

Each set starts from the floor


For time: (re-stretch your legs on your own as needed before starting this WOD)
parking lot sprint
30 thrusters (43lbs)… scale as needed
parking lot sprint

Core Development:
50 slam balls (10lb)

the main workout was pretty quick (i finished in 4:36, go me!), but that didn’t stop my hands from about blistering. next purchase on my list will definitely be gloves.

this was also my first time doing slam balls. which look relatively easy from a distance (in the sense that i can do them without injuring myself or looking like an idiot), and then after 50 my arms were burning so bad. but it was the good burn.

i think it’s worth mentioning that any and all soreness i experienced this week COMPLETELY fails in comparison to last week/weekend. i hope i never go through that again. which is also a tricky motivational factor that has come up since i’ve been doing crossfit–i never want to quit because if i ever chose to start going again, i know i’d have to go through those crippling 3-4 days all over again, and that is just not an option i’m willing to consider.