First Time Art Buyers.

tuesday night, brett and i finally got everything unpacked and settled into the new apartment. no more giant cardboard boxes stacked to the ceiling. no more plastic bags strewn about. no more random crap everywhere.

it’s a good feeling.

we both decided we wanted to make this apartment look more like a home than a dorm room. granted, the other apartment looked nice, too. this one just looks more… sophisticated. like, we actually bought ART.

we did not plan on buying ART, but after we walked into bed, bath & beyond, we got sucked in. i warned him that this always happens to me. i went in to buy 2 seat cushions for the kitchen table, and we ended up with a $240 bill between the 2 of us. seriously, that store is dangerous. as soon as we saw the paintings and cute framed artwork, we were like kids in a candy store. I WANT THAT ONE! no THAT one! OMG I HAVE TO HAVE THAT ONE!!! SHIIIINNNYYY!

we got a lot of stuff, but we were mostly excited about this one. it just makes the living room feel warm and cozy.

we also got carried away at wal-mart. brett and i have separate bathrooms at the new place, so he was able to buy all new things for his bathroom. his looks classy. mine… well, mine looks like a unicorn exploded.
[![](]( his.
[![](]( mine.
then we found the aisle with the decorative balls. it seems like every apartment and/or house we go in, some table or shelf contains a set of these balls. and they always look really neat. so, brett was like YEA LET’S GET THE BALLS! obviously, i responded with, THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID! and then we bought the balls.

here are our balls. we are very proud of them.

and, of course, our obligatory appalachian state insignia. and my creepy loki.
i can’t leave out creepy thor.
[![](]( *they’ll never find me here!*
[![](]( *crap, she found me!*
it’s coming along nicely. next step? curtains. i will save this potential catastrophe for another day. there will be beer and power tools involved–i can hardly wait!